personalized Atmandala

I received the gift of being able to create custom made mandalas. I connect to the person and the Mandala appears. The process is powerful for me and for the person who receives the Mandala.


I create your personalized Atmandala and provide you with a high definition image file together with the original on paper.You and I share the copyrights. You are then free to order a t-shirt or have it printed on a mug or use it on your business cards, etc.


Personalized Atmandala : price on demand

Personalized Logo:                price on demand


Special offer: your original Atmandala both on paper and high definition file and on a t-shirt : price on demand






Commission for a Hemp farm




For Melanie





Mandala for Raphael



Mandala for Ushi



Mandala made for Deana. Her husband asked me to create a Mandala as a gift for her. He told me :

"Just put some words , I would like I Love you"  He loves the result. This Mandala goes to

Los Angeles





I made this Mandala for my friend Doug. He was so moved and touched when he we unveiled it together it. 



This Mandala was made for my friend Lindsey for her birthday, just one year after her beloved husband Roger passed away.



I made this Mandala for my husband Zeljko for his birthday.He says "when I sit quietly and contemplate the mandala it gives me a powerful sense of connection to my inner core,grounded and expanded all at the same time,it's like an aura of light and strength fills my being"



  100 chalenge day

Contact me if you would like a personal Mandala made  for you.

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